We’re writing to give you a new update from our side. We are very excited to share that the EPs (Engineering Pilots) have passed the first series of tests successfully! There were minor corrections that we had to implement based on the results of the test, but these changes didn’t require new tooling or molds, nor significant re-engineering. This means that we are still on track to start shipping in August!

If you are curious, check out this video of the Bluesmart fully functional even after the most aggressive of tests:

So, the next step is entering Mass Production! We will be performing new quality tests on every single unit to make sure that the line’s output is consistent and the result is perfect. As soon as the units are manufactured, quality-tested, and packed, they will be taken by our logistics team for shipping!

Don’t forget that it’s not too late for you to pre-order your own Bluesmart.


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-The Bluesmart Team