We’re delighted to announce that Bluesmart, creators of the world’s first smart connected luggage, is opening a Software and Technology Development office in Argentina. We are looking to hire and train top-notch software engineers and designers based in Buenos Aires. This team will work directly with our teams in San Francisco and China on the design and development of cutting-edge technologies and products that will touch the lives of thousands of travelers worldwide.

Bluesmart design

Bluesmart created the first smart suitcase in the world with Argentinean talent distributed around the world. In 2013, Tomi and Diego sat in a cafe in New York, where their previous business ventures had taken them, and drew a sketch of their idea for Bluesmart on a napkin. They then called on Alejo Verlini, who was in Buenos Aires creating industrial designs for clients around the world; Martin Diz, originally from Neuquén, who was doing his PhD in aerospace engineering at the University of Buffalo and working on projects for NASA; and Brian who was doing his MBA at MIT in Boston. Fate brought them all together and allowed them to invent a truly innovative product with the potential to revolutionize an industrial world. With a strong belief in having the potential to create an invention that will change the world they set to work on the project.

In 2014, we launched from New York a crowdfunding campaign. The project was published in hundreds of media around the world, including the New York Times, Forbes, the Washington Post and, Fast Company, among many others. More than a million people visited our campaign and hundreds of thousands shared it on social networks. As a result we raised $2.2 million dollars from more than 10,000 people from 110 countries around the world in what is still regarded as one of the one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns ever. We were then selected by Y Combinator, the world’s most prestigious technology startup accelerator, and we moved the company to the Silicon Valley, California. Shortly after we decided to open an operations office in Hong Kong, to be close to our manufacturing partners in Shenzhen, China, the manufacturing epicenter of the world’s leading high-tech products. In just a short amount of time we had planted ourselves in two of the planet’s top centers of innovation. Today we have manufactured more than 15,000 units and we are selling them through prestigious stores like the MoMA Design Store, Brookstone and Strandbags among many others. The company has raised a further $11 million dollars in venture funding from Silicon Valley investors.

Bluesmart innovation

All of these achievements make us very proud, but we are still on day one of this story that has huge potential. Therefore, we are very excited to make Argentina, our country of origin, part of the chapters in this story. In 2016, we will open an office in Buenos Aires and look for the best engineers and software designers in the country. From there we will create state-of-the-art technology, in collaboration with our teams in California and China, advancing the innovation that we have already started. We believe in the potential of Argentine talent and in our ability to create world-class innovation. The best is yet to come! This is a unique opportunity to join as an early team member a high-potential Silicon Valley startup playing on a global arena and pushing the boundaries of hardware plus software technologies.

If you know any passionate and talented people, who want to be part of a history of global innovation, make sure to tell them about this opportunity. Click here to apply for our current job openings!

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-The Bluesmart Team