This week we packed our Bluesmart cases to showcase our first product alongside some of the biggest brands in travel at the Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bluesmart Travel Goods Show
Bluesmart’s stand at the 2016 Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas

Over the course of the week we were inspired by companies, new and old, who share our passion for exploration. It was thrilling to connect with leaders who are excited to push the boundaries of modern travel with Bluesmart. The incredibly positive reaction to our product was confirmation that what we’re doing is really special in this big and growing industry.

Bluesmart Smart Suitcase
Our Bluesmart suitcase has a lot of admirers!

“It was fantastic to see the reactions to our product from people in the international travel goods industry. We received a lot of congratulatory and encouraging words for our innovation from veterans in the industry. We are proud and humbled to bring technology and new ideas to one of the largest industries in the world. Being at the Travel Show will help us bring our products to many more travelers worldwide and that makes us very excited.” — Diego Saez-Gil, Co-Founder and CEO of Bluesmart.

Throughout the week we had the opportunity to swap stories with an incredible variety of businesses and travelers—from luxury jet-setters to budget backpackers, road trippers to flight hoppers, solo explorers to group adventurers. It was fascinating to hear that, no matter the purpose or destination, all these world travelers had a common experience: unexpected hassles along their journeys. Emily, just the day before, had her luggage stolen from the airport carousel. John reminisced about his first trips in the 1970’s when checked bags were free and size didn’t matter. Everyone had a story to tell and could easily relate to a Bluesmart feature that would have helped them avoid the hassles and get back to enjoy the journey. It was thrilling to see so many people who are excited about Bluesmart and need the features we’ve created. Despite every bump in the road, they are fueled by their passion for exploration and we are excited to power their trips.

The show ended Thursday on a high note when five TGS organizers (appropriately dressed in blue) came over to announce that Bluesmart won the award for “Best Booth” at the International Travel Goods Show! This was a great honor for our whole team and we are so proud of our design team who put an incredible amount of clever creativity into the space.

Bluesmart Las Vegas Travel Goods Show 2016
Bluesmart wins the Best Booth Award at the 2016 Travel Goods Show!

Now that we’re back, the office is a-buzz and we are maintaining the momentum! Always looking forward, we are inspired to innovate in 2016, plan incredible things for the coming years, and imagine what the next, next generation of luggage may do decades from now.

Thank you to everyone at TGS who shared this inspiring week with us! If you didn’t make it out and are curious about the future of luggage check out our video “The Evolution of Luggage.”

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-The Bluesmart Team