We started Bluesmart three years ago around a very simple idea: to reinvent the suitcase utilizing modern technology to better meet the needs of today’s travelers. The idea was born from many mishaps on our own travels (including lost bags and drained phones), and from the feeling that we’re living in a time in which everything can be re-imagined through technology and design. Over the course of a year, our small team went on to create the world’s first smart connected luggage, kick-starting an entire category.

The five co-founders had very different backgrounds but we all shared a common theme in our personal journeys: traveling and exploring the world had awakened us, made us grow and helped us become our true selves. It had connected us with the rest of the world and made us globally-minded. So getting to work on a travel product was something that really excited us all!

Along the way, as we thought deeper about the meaning of what we were working towards, we realized that we had a larger purpose than just reinventing luggage. We were building tools to empower and inspire people to travel the world further. Our technology gave travelers freedom to explore, contributing to a more united and enlightened humanity.

This purpose was really aligned with our values and our vision of the world. We believe in a world of global citizens. We don’t believe in borders and we repudiate walls. We feel at home among those who are adventurous, passionate and full of stories, regardless of where they come from. We reject bigotry, intolerance and close-mindedness. We believe that the desire for exploration is at the heart of the human condition and that it can lead us to an incredible future.

We realized that we needed a new brand identity to reflect this vision. We decided to partner with Red Antler, an award-winning branding firm based in Brooklyn, NY, to work together on a new brand platform for Bluesmart. Together, we set out on an amazing journey of discovery and after lots of late nights and creative brainstorming, we arrived at a result that we feel very proud to start sharing with you. We called the idea “Free to Explore” and it embodies what we stand for and what we want to inspire.

A new Icon for the Explorers of the World

Bluesmart logo

Our new mark is a bold icon that represents empowerment and enlightenment in the journey. The symbol inspires emotional interpretations as a compass, a guiding star and the four corners of the world. The icon is designed to be a strong visual for openness, with a powerful negative space that appears to be bursting outward. We designed the Bluesmart symbol with freedom in mind, to reflect opportunity and empowerment in every way. We hope that it becomes a shared symbol for all the explorers of the world.

Bluesmart wordmark

Our new wordmark was designed with circles that are the same radius as the symbol itself. This geometry results in a bold, smart typeface with plenty of personality. The thoughtful use of the circles creates unconventional proportions, making the mark recognizable and unique.

Our values and our personality

Bluesmart brand

The values of our team and community include determination, passion, humbleness and integrity. Our team members and our community of travelers are a diverse, fun, confident, and passionate group. Our company’s voice will seek to mirror this. Bluesmart will speak boldly, as an icon of credibility, to energetically inspire exploration for everyone, and to demonstrate how Bluesmart products and technology simplify every step of the travel journey giving you the freedom to explore.

The journey ahead

We are incredibly excited to start rolling out our new identity to the world. Our dream is that Bluesmart grows to represent much more than just amazing smart travel products. We will gather the community of global explorers that want to see a united world. The journey begins now!

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-The Bluesmart Team


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