“You can only know where you’re going if you know where you’ve been.” ― James Burke

From the smallest of towns to major cities; Bluesmart travelers are taking their cases with them right around the world. We’ve collected some stats and we found out some incredible things from the top routes flown by Bluesmart customers to the countries a Bluesmart case is yet to set one of its 4 wheels in. Keep reading to see how Bluesmart is helping the world travel more and travel smarter!

Where has Bluesmart touched down?


Since our launch, Bluesmart customers have taken a total of 46,299 round trips. 71% of these round trips were taken in the last 12 months!


1,266 trips made with Bluesmart cases every week! That’s 1,266 times a week that the Bluesmart cases are ensuring their owners know its location, how much it weighs and always have battery thanks to the built in charger!


Bluesmart customers have visited 164 countries…that’s 83.7% of the world! Our Bluesmart cases have another 38 countries to go before we can say that our cases have been to every single country in the world. Traveling to any one of Andorra, Armenia, Cape Verde, Greenland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino anytime soon? If you are visiting any of these countries with your Bluesmart, we’d love for you to send us a photo of the first Bluesmart case to set “a wheel” in that country.

Just how far have Bluesmart cases traveled


68 trips to the moon and back!!! Since the beginning of 2017, Bluesmart customers have traveled 32,472,514 miles (52,259,446 km)…that’s the equivalent of 68 round trips to the moon and back!


Bluesmart suitcases in action


The number of airport security checks passed by Bluesmart cases stands at 85,581 and counting! That’s enough people to fill the Major League Baseball Stadium of the LA Dodgers over 1.5 times! (Capacity: 56,000)


Saving lost suitcases one Bluesmart at a time! We’ve saved 28,000 suitcases around the world thanks to our GPS+3G tracking technology. Built in as standard you will always know the precise location of your suitcase anywhere in the world!


Most popular airlines used by Bluesmart customers

Most frequently flown routes by Bluesmart customers

New York (JFK) – San Francisco (SFO)
New York (LGA) – Chicago (ORD)
Los Angeles (LAX) – New York (JFK)
San Francisco (SFO) – Los Angeles (LAX)
New York (JFK) – London (LHR)
London (LGW) – New York (JFK)
London (LHR) – Dubai (DXB)
London (LGW) – Madrid (MAD)

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-The Bluesmart Team