Bluesmart grew from an idea scribbled on the back of a coffee shop napkin in New York. Every good idea starts with a problem that needs to be solved. Ours was much easier than most: suitcases were simply not designed for today’s modern traveler. Every traveler deserves to enjoy their journey and, not have their luggage lost; an experience that could ruin their whole trip. Now we know what you’re thinking, surely with all the technology that’s around, someone must have created smart luggage before us? We were as surprised as you are reading this that the last major suitcase revolution took place in the 1970s when wheels were added to suitcases. Somehow technology and suitcases were never put together, but surely this would help travelers enjoy their journey more.

Dumb luggage problems

As avid travelers we had experienced the usual aches and pains of traveling: our devices running out of battery, standing awkwardly on the scales at home to see how much our carry-on weighed, struggling to find our suitcase lock keys and of course, luggage getting lost on numerous occasions! We found that we weren’t the only ones that were having the same issues the next question was, how could we possibly tackle all of these problems at once?

It turns out there was a simple explanation. The luggage industry is huge and is dominated by a handful of extremely large companies that have been producing different aesthetic styles of suitcase without really innovating and changing the idea of how we travel. We started Bluesmart to change this and to create a new market in this ever growing industry: smart luggage.

Technology & luggage: a match made in heaven

Following a number of months of research, we finalized our ideas, design drawings and settled on what technology addressed the most common traveler pains. Just as important as the technology was how the carry-on case looked and felt. We ensured that the carry-on was just as smart and sleek as the technology within. Our world renowned crowdfunding campaign only solidified our initial market research and with a couple more rounds of investment from the Silicon Valley and Hong Kong, we finally had our Bluesmart One case and so did all our backers. About 18 months later, we released our premium Bluesmart Black Edition. Both the Bluesmart One and Black Edition are high-quality carry-on suitcases that you can control from your phone, like a boss. From the Bluesmart app you can lock and unlock it, weigh it, track its location, be notified if you are leaving it behind and find out more about your travel habits. You can also charge your phone 6 times over with a built-in battery. Pretty awesome, right?

Fight for your right to travel smarter

We believe that your journey should be enjoyed just as much as your destination. From the moment you leave your house to passing through security and, waiting to board to landing in your final destination; everyone has a right to enjoy traveling. One of the biggest problems facing travelers and one of the main reasons we set out on this journey is the sheer number of lost bags every year. About 25 million bags are lost every year, which is about 68,490 bags every single day! When an airline loses your bag or it ends up in a different destination to where you’re heading; it is not just the pain of not knowing where it is but also the sense of having your trip ruined. Thanks to Bluesmart’s unique and the world’s first 3G+GPS luggage tracking system, if your carry-on gets re-routed you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing where it is. We want to make it impossible to lose your luggage and so far we have been saving suitcases one Bluesmart at a time.

In 2014, we changed the way the world thinks about luggage…we don’t intend to stop improving on what we’ve done. Of course, we know that there is still a long way to go to changing the way people travel and view their luggage but, the Bluesmart One and Black Edition was just the first step. Don’t get left behind! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or, sign up to our newsletter to find out our latest news and developments.

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-The Bluesmart Team


Smart luggage for your journey to be enjoyed with peace of mind and power in every way.

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