Today we unveiled Series 2, a new smart travel products system. The line includes: a carry-on luggage, a checked bag, a laptop bag, and a passport pouch. Powered by our second generation technology, all products connect to the new app, to work as a system assisting you along your journey. The line brings upgraded materials, expanded capacity, colors and a new sleek, iconic look.

“The travel experience is in desperate need of an upgrade. We started a revolution three years ago with the creation of the world’s first smart suitcase, now being used in more than 100 countries. Our ultimate goal is to make the traveler’s journey as enjoyable as the destination. Series 2 is a further step in that direction, incorporating the feedback and ideas from thousands of users and harnessing the latest technologies.” – Tomi Pierucci (Bluesmart Co-Founder & CEO)

With the Series 2 Luggage System travelers will know the location of all their belongings at all times and never again have to deal with lost luggage, forgotten passports and bags left behind. It will help you avoid baggage fees for overweight luggage, breeze through airport security and keep your bags protected against theft. Additionally, Series 2 users can keep all devices, including laptops, powered up along the way. A detailed listing of all our Series 2 product features and specifications can be found on the Bluesmart website:

Our second generation technology upgrades the location tracking system making it compatible with every country’s cellular networks and improving accuracy to unprecedented levels. The new battery system allows for faster charging and longer duration of charge. The new weight sensors system increases accuracy and usability. The Series 2 line is compliant with all major aviation and transportation regulators (FAA, DOT & TSA).

Series 2 Cabin 22″

The Series 2 Cabin 22″ has been thoughtfully redesigned increasing packing capacity by 25%, improving the fabrics and materials and refining its silhouette. The product features GPS+3G location tracking, remote auto-locking and supercharging capabilities.

Series 2 Check 29″

The Series 2 Check 29″ is as the name suggests, a 29 inch robust suitcase that expands the Cabin’s technology and design for longer trips. In addition to the GPS+3G location tracking and remote auto-locking, it features a new smart weight sensing system that alerts for potential overweight baggage fees via the app.

Series 2 Laptop Bag

The Series 2 Laptop Bag is an elegant business briefcase that attaches seamlessly to the Series 2 suitcases. This bag features Bluetooth location tracking, distance alerts and a removable supercharger that powers up smartphones and laptops.

Series 2 Passport Pouch

The Series 2 Passport Pouch helps travelers never again leave their passports and travel documents behind. It protects travelers’ essentials with Bluetooth tracking capabilities, RFID blocker and water-resistant materials.

Series 2 Mobile App

The new app provides a more intuitive travel experience, identifying and anticipating
travelers needs through all stages of the journey – from flight schedules, gates, destination, currency exchange, weather and more. With the app travelers are able to manage all Bluesmart products in one central hub.

A second crowdfunding campaign

“We came back to Indiegogo for this launch because we care deeply for our original community, who supported us on our first product launch. We want to thank them by giving them first access to the limited units of Series 2 that are available at big discounts and will ship in just weeks.” – Tomi Pierucci (Bluesmart Co-Founder & CEO)

Commenting on our second crowdfunding campaign, Founder of Indiegogo, Slavin Rubin, stated:

“We are very proud to have enabled Bluesmart to emerge thanks to our platform. “It’s amazing to see it return to Indiegogo for their second generation product. Bluesmart was one of the most successful campaigns on Indiegogo and it delivered a great, quality product on time. We’re confident that Bluesmart will continue its amazing success with their Series 2.”

Bluesmart Series 2 is available for pre-order through our website starting today, June 27th, 2017.

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-The Bluesmart Team