Welcome to Series 2: The smarter, better and sleeker way to travel

When we started off with a single, connected piece of luggage back in 2014 it was a huge crowdfunding success. With more than 10,000 travelers and raising $2.2M we created the world’s first smart suitcase and founded the smart luggage industry. In just over a week of our Series 2 campaign we passed $1M thanks to the 2,000 travelers, it is yet another testament to your desire to travel smarter.

To get to this stage, we listened and, we listened some more. In fact we listened to pretty much each and every Bluesmart One and Black Edition user. Series 2 is powered by the feedback we received and together we have brought something new and revolutionary to the game. This time we’re here not with just one suitcase but, a system that includes a Cabin and Check suitcase, alongside a laptop bag and a passport pouch. All smarter, better, sleeker and the best part…they work with the Bluesmart products you already have! In fact, it will make them better.

For Series 2 it was not just about using the best tech available. It was all about improving the usability. Here’s a closer look at the technology behind our Series 2 luggage system and the steps we’ve taken to once again change the way you travel.

Travel with peace of mind

Our new TSA-Approved technology uses an electro-mechanism controlled by high-precision sensors that ensures that the suitcase remains locked or unlocked at all times, according to what you set up. The TSA mechanism allows TSA agents to open the bag if they ever need to without damaging the bag. The new sensors detect when the TSA key is used, so you can now check when and where it was opened. We’ve also increased the security of our suitcases which have double coil zippers, totally reinforced and pen-proof, giving your belongings the extra security you deserve. With Bluesmart Series 2, you don’t need to even take your phone out of your pocket to lock and unlock your bag. You can just tap the Action Button on the suitcase and the lock will lock and unlock accordingly. Of course this only works when your phone is near your suitcase meaning you are nearby. Your phone is still your key but you can now share your Series 2 product with your friends and family by giving them access with their own users. If you lose your phone (hopefully not) you can use any phone nearby to unlock the bag, just by downloading the app and logging in with your user.

Never pay overweight baggage fees again

Long gone are the days of having to guess how much you can pack or, being just 1kg over and having to pay baggage fees. You may be thinking “wait a minute you’ve made it impossible to overpack?”…that’s exactly right! Included as a standard feature in our Series 2 Check, we’ve taken the stress out of packing and weighing your suitcase. There are 4 built-in sensors on the back of the Series 2 Check so there’s no need to zip it up just to weigh it while packing, nor do any heavy lifting with a full suitcase. Just by leaving your suitcase on any flat surface, the App knows the weight of your bag. You’ll just need an internet connection for the App to sync with your next flight and the flight’s weight restrictions. Your Bluesmart App will let know if any overweight fees apply so you can make sure you’re not left to unpack in front of the Check-In Desk. Plus if you can’t find your normal scales at home, just check the weight of the suitcase, then place that object on top of the bag to see the weight difference 🙂

Series 2 really is impossible to lose

You may be wondering what we mean when we say that Series 2 is impossible to lose. Well, it is exactly that…you’ll always know where your Series 2 luggage system is thanks to the completely revamped tech that powers our location tracking. We have enhanced the new antennas used on Series 2 to have an even greater reach that will find your Series 2 product in places that wasn’t possible before. The cellular network modules used are compatible with all cellular networks around the world making your bag literally impossible to lose despite Series 2 being out of this world!! The location of your Series 2 product gets updated more frequently so you’ll be able to receive more precise updates. One of the coolest features is that during take-off, the Series 2 Cabin and Check use several sensors to pick up on what’s happening and switch to airplane mode automatically to comply with safety regulations. It’s no different than when you land, the same sensors alert the suitcase to switch off airplane mode and reconnect to update its location so, the moment your suitcase lands you’ll get notified of its whereabouts.

Stay charged on the go

If you thought that it was pretty cool staying charged on the go with our first products, you’ll be able to go even further with Series 2. We have taken the performance of our batteries and increased them to their limits. With Series 2 you’ll be getting super accurate real-time state-of-charge measurements, meaning you’ll be able to see the charge and discharge time predictions. This will allow you to be make smarter use of your battery, but that’s not all, your Series 2 Laptop Bag and Cabin now has a rapid charge feature allowing you to have 30 days of battery life in just 2.5 hours. Yes, that’s all it takes for a full charge! We’ve changed the charging feature of the Cabin case so you can now charge the case while charging your phone. We found this particularly useful while staying at hotels or when there’s just one charger available. There’s no need to open up the App anymore to see the battery life of the Cabin case. We’ve added a new smart monitor to the Series 2 Cabin so all you need to do is tap the Action Button and you’ll be able to see the status of your Cabin’s battery in just one blink. Smart isn’t it? We’ve done our due diligence and made sure that all the tech included in Series 2 is compliant with TSA, FAA and Dot regulations. The 38 Watt (10,000 mAh) lithium-ion polymer battery is no exception to this rule and we made sure that it is well within domestic and international flight regulations for checked and on-board luggage.

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-The Bluesmart Team


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