We are extremely proud to announce that the Design Committee of the MoMA Design Store (Museum of Modern Art) in New York has selected our Series 2 to be included in its collection of design curated products. As part of the selection, our Check 29″ and Cabin 22″ are available for purchase in New York City exclusively at the MoMA Design Stores in Midtown and SoHo as well as through the MoMA Online Store.

Bluesmart’s Series 2 install at the MoMA Design Store in Midtown New York

This marks the second time the MoMA Design Store has selected Bluesmart to sell its products in-store. It is also a huge milestone for us as it is the first time Bluesmart Series 2 products are available to purchase in a physical retail space. When we started Bluesmart almost four years ago, one of our main goals was to not only innovate the luggage industry with the latest technology but also to bring the highest level of design to the market. We felt that the luggage industry in general was not living up to the design expectations of today’s consumers and in order to do so, we needed to start by putting the user at the center of all our considerations.

“What do we mean by ‘The Future of Travel’? Well it’s not flying cars –although it could be– but simply ‘Frictionless Travel’. Delivering a frictionless experience, reducing friction when going from point A to B, we believe that the things we carry with us should propel us forward, not drag us down.” – Alejo Verlini (Bluesmart Co-Founder & CPO)

Bluesmart Series 2 launch event at the MoMA Design Store

On Wednesday, November 15, 2017 we hosted an invite-only event to celebrate the launch of the new Series 2 line at the MoMA Design Store in New York. Presented as the future of travel, the exclusive event showcased pain points experienced by most frequent travelers and how Series 2 products solves them and improves the way people travel. Featuring talks by Co-Founder & CPO, Alejo Verlini, the event was attended by press, social media and tech influencers as well as a select few of Bluesmart’s loyal Series 1 and Series 2 crowdfunding backers.

Visit our ‘Future of Travel’ install at the MoMA Design Store

We’re extremely proud to receive the endorsement of the MoMA Design Store, the ultimate authority in design curation, and to have our products share space with some of the most creatively designed products from around the world. If you haven’t already pre-ordered your Bluesmart Check 29″ and Cabin 22″ you can do it right now at the MoMA Online Store or you can find it at the MoMA Midtown and Soho Design Stores in New York.

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-The Bluesmart Team


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