As the creators of the smart luggage industry, we have a responsibility to respond to the recent changes to battery regulations by some airlines for checked baggage. We want to clarify that all our products are compliant with FAA, DOT, FCC and UN38.3 regulations. On top of complying with these regulations we make sure that before any of our products or materials used gets our approval, we submit it to a number of safety, security and quality tests (see list at the end of the article) and work with only the best suppliers.

What are some of the new airline regulations on smart luggage?

All our products meet DOT, FAA, FCC and UN38.3 regulations. We are aware that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) which proposes standards for the airline industry and some airlines have recently made their own regulations with tighter requirements than the industry regulators. These new airline regulations stipulate that smart luggage with built-in non-removable batteries cannot currently be checked into the hold.

What does this mean for smart luggage?

With over 65,000 Bluesmart suitcases safely traveling around the world, the smart luggage industry continues to grow. We understand that there are some airport security concerns about travel technology and companies adhering to the various regulations and quality standards. Before and at the time of production, we did our due diligence to make sure that we complied with all international regulations defined by DOT and FAA. While most airlines understand and approve of smart luggage, others might still be getting up to speed. 

How are we overcoming this challenge?

To overcome this, we have organized meetings with the world’s leading airlines to make sure that your Bluesmart will be approved. During these meetings we will be demonstrating how our products meet all safety requirements and regulations. We expect to have developments and positive news about these agreements within the coming weeks and before the various carriers implement these new regulations.

Extensive safety and quality testing

We are more than confident that we will be able to overcome this latest challenge as we currently meet the regulations of DOT, FAA, FCC (Bluesmart contains: FCC ID: B4O CC264BPA-S and FCC ID: Q78 ZTEMF206A) and the battery certification, UN38.3. We only work with the best battery suppliers all of which maintain the highest level of quality and security not only in production but also in the level of product produced. All our batteries are tested, certified, and in compliance with the following standards:

  • UN Manual of Tests and Criteria Part III Subsection 38.3 (DGR, UN 3841: Lithium ion batteries contained in equipment.
  • UL 1642, Standard for Safety for Lithium Batteries
  • IEC 62133, Safety requirements for portable sealed secondary cells, and for batteries made from them, for use in portable applications.

Before a product or material gets our approval, it is put through a combination of 40 tests to ensure top-flight safety, security and quality. To show you just how vigorously we tested your Bluesmart suitcases, here is a list of the tests we performed:

Charge capacity test / Charge and discharge cycle test / FCC test / CE test / ROHS test / HRC test / Product safety / Color fastness to crocking / Color-fastness to water / Color fastness to UV fading / Water repellency / Abrasion resistance / Stiffness / Tensile strength / Tear strength / Shrinkage / Corrosion resistance / Operational forces / Handle jerk / Strap jerk / Drop test / Tumble test / Telescoping handle free fall impact / Telescoping handle cycling / Cycle test / Decibel test / Adhesion test / Vertical impact test / Swing arm impact test / Telescopic handle free movement test / Durometer test / Flash test / Transparency test / Crush test / Burst test / Temperature stability test / Chemical resistance / Mileage test / Gliding ability / Dimensional test

Next steps…

Having already formed close relationships with some of the world’s largest carriers and meeting DOT, FAA, FCC and UN38.3 regulations we are confident that we will succeed at getting this approval. We will keep you updated and notified about any developments and our progress with the various airlines.

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-The Bluesmart Team