The Bluesmart Travel Stats You Always Wanted to Know

“You can only know where you're going if you know where you've been.” ― James Burke

From the smallest of towns to major cities; Bluesmart travelers are taking their cases with them right around the world. We've collected some stats and we found out some incredible things from the top routes flown by Bluesmart customers to the countries a Bluesmart case is yet to set one of its 4 wheels in. Keep reading to see how Bluesmart is helping the world travel more and travel smarter!

Where has Bluesmart touched down?


Since our launch, Bluesmart customers have taken a total of 46,299 round trips. 71% of these round trips were taken in the last 12 months!


1,266 trips made with Bluesmart cases every week! That's 1,266 times a week that the Bluesmart cases are ensuring their owners know its location, how much it weighs and always have battery thanks to the built in charger!


Bluesmart customers have visited 164 countries...that’s 83.7% of the world! Our Bluesmart cases have another 38 countries to go before we can say that our cases have been to every single country in the world. Traveling to any one of Andorra, Armenia, Cape Verde, Greenland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino anytime soon? If you are visiting any of these countries with your Bluesmart, we’d love for you to send us a photo of the first Bluesmart case to set “a wheel” in that country.

Just how far have Bluesmart cases traveled


68 trips to the moon and back!!! Since the beginning of 2017, Bluesmart customers have traveled 32,472,514 miles (52,259,446 km)...that’s the equivalent of 68 round trips to the moon and back!


Bluesmart suitcases in action


The number of airport security checks passed by Bluesmart cases stands at 85,581 and counting! That’s enough people to fill the Major League Baseball Stadium of the LA Dodgers over 1.5 times! (Capacity: 56,000)


Saving lost suitcases one Bluesmart at a time! We've saved 28,000 suitcases around the world thanks to our GPS+3G tracking technology. Built in as standard you will always know the precise location of your suitcase anywhere in the world!


Most popular airlines used by Bluesmart customers

Most frequently flown routes by Bluesmart customers

New York (JFK) - San Francisco (SFO)
New York (LGA) - Chicago (ORD)
Los Angeles (LAX) - New York (JFK)
San Francisco (SFO) - Los Angeles (LAX)
New York (JFK) - London (LHR)
London (LGW) - New York (JFK)
London (LHR) - Dubai (DXB)
London (LGW) - Madrid (MAD)

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10 things you didn’t know about Bluesmart

We’ve been busy, and wanted to share it with you.

We have been extremely busy since we started delivering the revolutionary Bluesmart One case after our world famous Indiegogo crowdfunding project. We wanted to share with you what we’ve been up to since, as well as some of the interesting facts and figures we’ve been collecting along the way. 

10 things you didn’t know about Bluesmart



1. Simply the best...better than all the rest! Bluesmart is the only smart suitcase with true 3G+GPS technology built in as standard that allows you to get the precise location of your suitcase anywhere in the world.




2.  28,000 lost suitcases - Sorry...we meant 28,000 saved suitcases since we started, thanks to our tracking technology! We still know that we have a long way to go with hundreds of thousands of suitcases lost every year.




3. Tony “The Birdman” Hawk shreds with Bluesmart! Tony Hawk chased a Bluesmart suitcase on his skateboard through the streets of San Diego. Check out the video here!





4.  1,266 Bluesmart cases travel the world every week! That's right, 1,266 weekly trips are taken by our customers with a Bluesmart suitcase.





5. Ever had a suitcase as your personal assistant? The in-app "Bluesmart My World" lets you share where you’ve been on your trips and what percentage of the world you’ve covered...ready to share with your friends! If you’ve got an idea for the Bluesmart App we'd love to hear from you. Please send your ideas to




6.  Bluesmart represented in all 4 corners of the world! From California to Japan and, Moscow to South Africa; our customers are from right across the world!




7. From a coffee shop napkin to revolutionary suitcase. Bluesmart has grown from an idea scribbled down on a napkin in a coffee shop in New York to, having 5 worldwide offices!




8. Yes, we’ve ticked all the boxes! All of Bluesmart’s cases meet all international airline carry-on size limitations and are TSA, FAA & DOT approved.




9. How annoying when your phone battery runs out at the airport...we wouldn’t know! Bluesmart suitcases use a 10.000 mAh Lithium-ion battery, which allows you to charge your phone up to 6 times! This is well within the FAA regulations on batteries. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) follows the same rules under the FAA.




10. Bluesmart was one of Indiegogo’s greatest crowdfunding success stories raising USD2.2 million! Everyday we work on taking Bluesmart even further!





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Tony Hawk Chases His Bluesmart Case Through San Diego

It's not every day that a legend such as, Tony Hawk buys your product. We couldn't believe our eyes when we found out that the skateboarding legend had bought a Bluesmart One case. We knew that we couldn't let an opportunity like this pass. After reaching out to Tony and putting together a few ideas we finally came up with a way that we could work together.

On April 25, 2017, we came up with a campaign for him to put our Bluesmart Black Edition case through its paces. From rolling through the streets of San Diego to, making sure "the Birdman" got his flight on time; the ad shows off the different Bluesmart features and of course some of Tony Hawk's trademark skateboard skills.

The ad was part of a campaign with the winners receiving a FREE Bluesmart One Case. If you missed the campaign don't worry, we've got plenty more planned for the near future. In the meantime sit back and enjoy watching Tony Hawk shred his way through San Diego and of course, our very cool Bluesmart Black case!


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Bluesmart Announces $12M Series A led by Tsing Capital

We are very excited to announce that we have closed a $12M Series A round of funding led by Tsing Capital with additional funding from Monashees+, Endeavor Catalyst, XG Ventures among others leading investors from Silicon Valley and China. We plan to use this capital to continue building our vision for the smart luggage industry.

Tsing Capital is one of the largest venture firms in China. The partner leading this round, Michael Li, is a former Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers partner with strong expertise in cross-border technology companies. This investment comes from a dedicated Tsing Capital fund called “Smartech Innovation Fund” which is focused on Internet of Things and connected devices. We will leverage this partnership to continue our manufacturing and global operations in Asia. With the proceeds we plan to expand our product line in order to continue our mission of helping people travel the world in a smarter way.

“With a long history of venture capital investing in China and North America, we are pleased to add Bluesmart to our portfolio of sustainable life style companies,” said Li. “China represents one of the largest and fastest growing markets for premium luggage globally, and we look forward to helping support Bluesmart’s expansion and product delivery.”

In addition to the funding announcement, we are excited to share that we have appointed Tomi Pierucci as CEO. Tomi, a co-founder and former President of Bluesmart is returning to his original position as Bluesmart’s CEO. Co-founder Diego Saez Gil will take on the position of Executive Chairman of the Board at Bluesmart. The company is also hiring a new CFO, Paula Rojnica, former VP at S&P Global Market Intelligence.

“As a global company, we’re very excited to partner with an impressive group of investors from around the world,” said Tomi Pierucci. “We created Bluesmart’s line of smart luggage with one simple purpose: to improve the travel experience. This new round of funding allows us to increase our impact and product line with that same vision in mind.”

About Bluesmart

Bluesmart designs and manufactures smart luggage for modern frequent travelers. The company is constantly pushing the boundaries of the travel goods industry, using innovative technology and materials combined with great product design. The core technology allows products to seamlessly connect to the Bluesmart app to bring travelers unique benefits and peace of mind during their trips. Bluesmart’s products are now used today by tens of thousands of travelers in more than 100 countries and have been named the “Top Innovative Product and Service” by Forbes Magazine, awarded “Best Travel Gear” by Fast Company and “Best of the Best” Red Dot Design Award. The company is backed by Y Combinator and other top Silicon Valley and global venture investors. Bluesmart is headquartered in New York with offices in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Argentina, and, China.

Find out more about Bluesmart here:

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Y Combinator in Argentina

Talks & "Office Hours" with the Partners of YC in the Bluesmart HQ

It's our pleasure to share with you that Y Combinator, the well-known investment fund and startup accelerator from the Silicon Valley, will be visiting Argentina for the first time with the intention of getting involved in the local startup scene, sharing their knowledge about how to create successful startups and to meet the the country's entrepreneurs with the highest potential. Y Combinator has helped to setup a number of very successful companies all over the world, with their portfolio including companies such as, AirBnB, Dropbox, Stripe, and Argentina's DemocracyOS and Bluesmart.

Y Combinator and Bluesmart share the stage

As part of their visit we have organized an event in the Bluesmart offices, where the partners of YC Kevin Hale and Kat Manalac will give talks on how to start and scale a startup based on their previous experience with hundreds of startups in the Silicon Valley. The co-founder of Bluesmart Diego Saez Gil will also give a talk about his experience in YC and the lessons learnt from creating a global startup with its base in Argentina. If you're interested in attending the event, please apply and fill out this form:

Additionally, during the day the partners will be giving "Office Hours", 25 minute one on one sessions with local entrepreneurs who want feedback and advice on their startups. This is a unique opportunity to receive personal advice from the Silicon Valley investors and have the potential to be chosen to participate in the Y Combinator program. If you are interested in being considered for the "Office Hours" please apply through this form:

Where: Bluesmart HQ, Honduras 5945, Palermo, Buenos Aires

When: September 22, 2016 at 6.30pm

Share it with your entrepreneurial friends. It will be a great opportunity to learn, network and grow their startups or business ideas.

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Free to Explore: Bluesmart’s New Brand Identity

We started Bluesmart three years ago around a very simple idea: to reinvent the suitcase utilizing modern technology to better meet the needs of today’s travelers. The idea was born from many mishaps on our own travels (including lost bags and drained phones), and from the feeling that we’re living in a time in which everything can be re-imagined through technology and design. Over the course of a year, our small team went on to create the world’s first smart connected luggage, kick-starting an entire category.

The five co-founders had very different backgrounds but we all shared a common theme in our personal journeys: traveling and exploring the world had awakened us, made us grow and helped us become our true selves. It had connected us with the rest of the world and made us globally-minded. So getting to work on a travel product was something that really excited us all!

Along the way, as we thought deeper about the meaning of what we were working towards, we realized that we had a larger purpose than just reinventing luggage. We were building tools to empower and inspire people to travel the world further. Our technology gave travelers freedom to explore, contributing to a more united and enlightened humanity.

This purpose was really aligned with our values and our vision of the world. We believe in a world of global citizens. We don’t believe in borders and we repudiate walls. We feel at home among those who are adventurous, passionate and full of stories, regardless of where they come from. We reject bigotry, intolerance and close-mindedness. We believe that the desire for exploration is at the heart of the human condition and that it can lead us to an incredible future.

We realized that we needed a new brand identity to reflect this vision. We decided to partner with Red Antler, an award-winning branding firm based in Brooklyn, NY, to work together on a new brand platform for Bluesmart. Together, we set out on an amazing journey of discovery and after lots of late nights and creative brainstorming, we arrived at a result that we feel very proud to start sharing with you. We called the idea “Free to Explore” and it embodies what we stand for and what we want to inspire.

A new Icon for the Explorers of the World

Bluesmart logo

Our new mark is a bold icon that represents empowerment and enlightenment in the journey. The symbol inspires emotional interpretations as a compass, a guiding star and the four corners of the world. The icon is designed to be a strong visual for openness, with a powerful negative space that appears to be bursting outward. We designed the Bluesmart symbol with freedom in mind, to reflect opportunity and empowerment in every way. We hope that it becomes a shared symbol for all the explorers of the world.

Bluesmart wordmark

Our new wordmark was designed with circles that are the same radius as the symbol itself. This geometry results in a bold, smart typeface with plenty of personality. The thoughtful use of the circles creates unconventional proportions, making the mark recognizable and unique.

Our values and our personality

Bluesmart brand

The values of our team and community include determination, passion, humbleness and integrity. Our team members and our community of travelers are a diverse, fun, confident, and passionate group. Our company’s voice will seek to mirror this. Bluesmart will speak boldly, as an icon of credibility, to energetically inspire exploration for everyone, and to demonstrate how Bluesmart products and technology simplify every step of the travel journey giving you the freedom to explore.

The journey ahead

We are incredibly excited to start rolling out our new identity to the world. Our dream is that Bluesmart grows to represent much more than just amazing smart travel products. We will gather the community of global explorers that want to see a united world. The journey begins now!

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Bluesmart Announces Black Edition

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new product, the “Black Edition”, a completely redesigned suitcase that brings our innovative technology to a higher level of design and quality.

After listening to our customers and travel community, we wanted to move our focus towards design and give a more sophisticated option for our style-forward customers. The Black Edition pairs the award-winning advanced technology from our incredibly successful inaugural product, the Bluesmart One, with a sleek modern design aimed for the savvy jet-setter that appreciates style and ease when traveling.

The suitcase has been completely redesigned with every detail rethought from scratch and rigorously tested to bring customers a seamless and design-forward suitcase. The soft/hard hybrid exterior is made of a nylon and polyester combination, with a double layer PU coating, making the suitcase water and scratch resistant. High-density microfiber protects the electronics from scratches, dust and dirt. The interior linings like silk to the touch, the fibers are individually dyed, and the design form fits the case to get the most of the space. A removable mesh divider gives the user the control over how they want to pack.

Interior of Bluesmart Black

We are very proud of the product we’ve created and we couldn’t have done it without the passion and commitment from our team, our community and our manufacturers as we make this great step in our product roadmap.

To meet the aspirational design of our new product, we are also excited to announce an exclusive retail partnership with the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Today, you can pre-order Black Edition online at and it will begin shipping and rolling out to retail locations on June 20th, 2016.

Our new product will retail for $599 but we are offering a special pre-sale price of $549 with limited availability. The Bluesmart One will still be available for purchase online and with our retail partners for $449.

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Bluesmart Brings Innovation to the Travel Goods Show and Wins the Best Booth Award!

This week we packed our Bluesmart cases to showcase our first product alongside some of the biggest brands in travel at the Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bluesmart Travel Goods Show
Bluesmart's stand at the 2016 Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas

Over the course of the week we were inspired by companies, new and old, who share our passion for exploration. It was thrilling to connect with leaders who are excited to push the boundaries of modern travel with Bluesmart. The incredibly positive reaction to our product was confirmation that what we’re doing is really special in this big and growing industry.

Bluesmart Smart Suitcase
Our Bluesmart suitcase has a lot of admirers!

“It was fantastic to see the reactions to our product from people in the international travel goods industry. We received a lot of congratulatory and encouraging words for our innovation from veterans in the industry. We are proud and humbled to bring technology and new ideas to one of the largest industries in the world. Being at the Travel Show will help us bring our products to many more travelers worldwide and that makes us very excited.” — Diego Saez-Gil, Co-Founder and CEO of Bluesmart.

Throughout the week we had the opportunity to swap stories with an incredible variety of businesses and travelers—from luxury jet-setters to budget backpackers, road trippers to flight hoppers, solo explorers to group adventurers. It was fascinating to hear that, no matter the purpose or destination, all these world travelers had a common experience: unexpected hassles along their journeys. Emily, just the day before, had her luggage stolen from the airport carousel. John reminisced about his first trips in the 1970’s when checked bags were free and size didn’t matter. Everyone had a story to tell and could easily relate to a Bluesmart feature that would have helped them avoid the hassles and get back to enjoy the journey. It was thrilling to see so many people who are excited about Bluesmart and need the features we’ve created. Despite every bump in the road, they are fueled by their passion for exploration and we are excited to power their trips.

The show ended Thursday on a high note when five TGS organizers (appropriately dressed in blue) came over to announce that Bluesmart won the award for “Best Booth” at the International Travel Goods Show! This was a great honor for our whole team and we are so proud of our design team who put an incredible amount of clever creativity into the space.

Bluesmart Las Vegas Travel Goods Show 2016
Bluesmart wins the Best Booth Award at the 2016 Travel Goods Show!

Now that we’re back, the office is a-buzz and we are maintaining the momentum! Always looking forward, we are inspired to innovate in 2016, plan incredible things for the coming years, and imagine what the next, next generation of luggage may do decades from now.

Thank you to everyone at TGS who shared this inspiring week with us! If you didn’t make it out and are curious about the future of luggage check out our video “The Evolution of Luggage."

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3 Luggage Innovations that Changed Travel

People have always longed for adventure—despite the hassles of traveling. In the early days, travel required a lot of lugging: bags were heavy, transportation was slow, and tickets were expensive. Luckily, luggage is evolving and innovations in the industry are making modern trips easier.

The Flat-Top Trunk:

Before Louis Vuitton was known for his luxury logo, he was a luggage innovator in the era of steamship travel. His revolutionary flat-top trunk saved space by smartly stacking in cargo holds and kept passenger’s belongings from being crushed and water logged in ship hulls.  As the style became the new standard, the market flooded with imitations but the brand set itself apart with Vuitton’s signature styles (like his monogram pattern), high-quality construction, and continual innovations (like the first serial lock, which let travelers open multiple pieces of luggage with a single key).

The Roller-Board Wheel:

Bags with wheels may have appeared as early as the Crusades (all those swords, chainmail, and grails can get heavy!) and in the mid-1800’s when a British colonel, inspired by an elephant-drawn cart, put wheels on a trunk. Unfortunately for the Colonel, men argued his “Traveling Carry-All, Omni-Conveyance, Bewheeled” was too feminine and his patent was rejected. For years rolling luggage didn't catch on but, as planes became popular, travelers had to carry their own bags long distances instead of having it immediately loaded for them by a porter. So finally, in the 1970’s, pilot Robert Plath patented a design that suck: a four wheel roller-board that enabled trunks to roll upright for the first time and the wheel stuck.

The wheel gave rise to what we think of as the “modern” suitcase decades ago. In 1993 we got the collapsible towing handle and, apparently, the suitcase-bike is gaining popularity in China. “New” materials like plastics have enabled us to play with luggage structure and durability too. Functionally, however, luggage has remained about the same. Which begs the question, has anything truly revolutionized luggage since the wheel?

The Smart Suitcase:

As a modern traveler, you have to navigate to a new place as well as Airline restrictions and security hurdles. You’re more likely to pay hidden fees, get stalled in a security check, and need power on-the-go. Still, the drive for adventure is there and travelers want to explore more freely. Luckily, luggage finally caught up to the modern age and it’s making trips even smoother.

The next generation of gear is evolving, thanks to creative technology, with the traveler’s experience in mind. Bags embedded with digital technology are capable of amazing things. Tens of thousands of travelers are already carrying on the first generation of smart cases. They can be controlled remotely from your smartphone and come with technology to track your bag, outlets to charge your devices, a built-in scale, and secure remote digital lock. Some say technology has taken one small step for luggage, one giant leap for travelers. We just say it’s the beginning of the next big thing.

Watch bags change before your eyes in "The Evolution of Luggage"!

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Bluesmart Meets the President of Argentina

This week we were honored to meet with the President of Argentina in the executive chambers of the “Casa Rosada” (“Pink House”). The newly inaugurated President Mauricio Macri wanted to hear the story of Bluesmart first-hand from our founders, Tomi Pierucci and Diego Saez-Gil: two Argentinean entrepreneurs who are making a unique, global impact on the travel industry and Argentina. 

Bluesmart at the Casa Rosada
Bluesmart's founders, Tomi and Diego, with the President of Argentina

When Tomi and Diego arrived, they shared the origin story of our company; our dreams of creating a global brand; our desire to bring true innovations to the market; and our purpose to inspire and empower people from all over the world to explore our planet. The President graciously congratulated them on our progress and aspirations.

President Macri and our founders both see technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation as fundamental drivers of modern economies. President Macri wants to support Argentina’s special position as a hub of creativity and engineering in the connected world economy. We told him about our new office in Buenos Aires and our ambitious plans to expand our R&D team there. Argentina, the second largest county in South America, is bursting with talent and we are proud to be creating high-value new jobs for the country. Diego and Tomi invited him to visit our Headquarters, and introduce him to our friends in Silicon Valley who are working on cutting edge innovations (such as our partners at Y Combinator, Uber and Airbnb).

The President told us that he loves his new Bluesmart—he even said the look and feel can easily compete with a Versace! He gave us thoughtful product feedback and some very clever product ideas. Like a remote alarm that sounds when the suitcase is lost :)

Bluesmart at the Casa Rosada
Meeting with the President of Argentina in the Executive Chambers

We are honored that Bluesmart now has the blessing of a nation’s President and we are more excited than ever to continue innovating and generating a positive impact in Argentina and around the world.

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