Find your luggage ANYWHERE in the world with Bluesmart!

We've partnered with Telefonica, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, to include a 3G SIM card with global…

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Getting Ready to Rock!

We are very excited to share that the EPs (Engineering Pilots) have passed the first series of tests successfully! This means that we are…

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Bluesmart Partners with Amazon for Amazon Launchpad Program

We are proud to announce that Bluesmart has been featured in the product lineup of Amazon Launchpad. Find out more & see our latest video…

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Bluesmart Enters Mass Production

Bluesmart has officially entered mass production! See images of the the first units coming off the line.

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Our Most Important Milestone So Far: We Started to Ship!

What started as an idea and a dream two years ago is today a reality! The first units of the world’s first smart connected luggage are…

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Bluesmart Goes to Zero G with NASA

Our Co-founder and VP of Engineering Martin Diz went to NASA to work on an experiment to test a Micro-Satellite Altitude Control System…

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Airline Carry-On size limits and your Bluesmart Carry-On

Since launching the Bluesmart One Carry-On, we have been asked several times whether or not it's approved by airlines to carry on board. We…

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Bluesmart Selected for the MoMA Design Store Collection

We are extremely proud to announce that the Bluesmart Carry-on has been selected by the Design Committee of the MoMA Design Store (Museum…

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Bluesmart to Open a Software & Technology Development Center in Argentina

We’re delighted to announce that Bluesmart, creators of the world's first smart connected luggage, is opening a Software and Technology…

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3 Luggage Innovations that Changed Travel

From flat-top trunks to roller-board wheels and finally smart luggage; explore the 3 luggage innovations that changed travel!

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Bluesmart Brings Innovation to the Travel Goods Show and Wins the Best Booth Award!

This week we packed our Bluesmart cases to showcase our Bluesmart One case alongside some of the biggest brands in travel at the 2016…

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Bluesmart Announces Black Edition

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new product, the “Black Edition”, a completely redesigned suitcase that brings our innovative…

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