Free to Explore: Bluesmart’s New Brand Identity

We've redesigned Bluesmart's brand identity. Find out about our "Free to Explore" idea and how it embodies what we stand for and what we…

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Y Combinator in Argentina

Y Combinator, the well-known investment fund and startup accelerator from the Silicon Valley, will be visiting Argentina for the first…

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Tony Hawk Chases His Bluesmart Case Through San Diego

Find out what happened when skateboarding legend Tony Hawk put our Bluesmart Black Edition through its paces in the streets of San Diego.…

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10 things you didn’t know about Bluesmart

We’ve been busy, and wanted to share it with you! Find out some of the interesting facts and figures we’ve been collecting along the way…

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The Bluesmart Travel Stats You Always Wanted to Know

We've collected some stats and we found out some incredible things from the top routes flown by Bluesmart customers to the countries a…

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From Coffee Shop Napkin to Changing Luggage Forever

From coffee shop napkin to the world's first smart suitcase, find out more about our journey of innovation and changing the way you travel!

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Do what you love.
We love travel.

Despite many people saying that it was impossible to create Smart Luggage or, was so revolutionary that it no sense; we knew we could use…

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Introducing Bluesmart Series 2: The World’s First Smart Luggage System

Today we unveiled Series 2, a new smart travel products system. The line includes: a carry-on luggage, a checked bag, a laptop bag, and a…

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Bluesmart Series 2

Series 2: The smarter, better and sleeker way to travel

For Series 2 it was not just about using the best tech available. It was all about improving the usability. Here’s a closer look at the…

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Our most important milestone this year: We’ve started shipping!

We've started shipping the first units of our Series 2, the world’s first smart luggage system! Find out more about this landmark moment in…

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Bluesmart​ ​Series​ ​2​ ​Selected​ ​for​ ​the​ ​MoMA Design​ ​Store​ ​Collection

We are extremely proud to announce that Bluesmart's Series 2 products have been selected by the Design Committee of the MoMA Design Store…

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Travel smarter with smart bags

As the creators of the smart luggage industry, we have a responsibility to respond to the recent changes to battery regulations by some…

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